Easy Clean Windows Glass and Stainless Steel – What is Easy Clean? Easy Cleans Everything!!! Yes, Easy Clean is a single Eco-friendly product that will replace every cleaning product in your home. Including bathroom, kitchen and floor cleaners to mention a few. But, when it comes to smear free mirrors and glass, Easy clean, really is the king of window cleaning, removing the toughest of dirt & grime, In this video watch how easily it removes greasy hand marks, leaving gleaming results, every time.

What Is Easy Clean?

Easy Cleans unique formula, is so advanced, it will breakdown tackling any cleaning problems, and easily removes the thickest of glue residue on any glass surface

When it comes too baked on cooking grease and grime, Easy Clean, really is astonishing. Watch how it rips through, built-up heavy grease, leaving a pristine finish, on this glass cooker hood

The amazing fact, is easy and clean, can be used on any surface, safely. As you can see in the video clip, how Easy Clean, removes dirt, grease and grime, but also polishes as it cleans, leaving the stainless steel, super shiny.

How to clean windows with Easy-Clean.

Mix one sachet or one teaspoon of Easy-Clean Powder into 2 litres of water. Spray the windows sparingly and wipe away with a clean dry cloth or any old newspaper you have lying around. Warning, using Easy Clean too strong will leave streaks and smears.

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