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Easy Clean F.A.Q

Our unique formula was introduced over a decade ago. This super concentrated, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner arrived long before it was trendy or mandated by law for products to be “environmentally friendly.”
Easy Clean is Non-Toxic and a safer alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents and bleaches. Easy Clean is also more responsible to you, your children, your pets and the environment too. Readily Biodegradable Easy Clean readily decomposes in the environment by naturally occurring microorganisms and is 100% biodegradable. Even the packaging is recyclable. When you’re out in the supermarket, check the labels on other cleaning products, very few will say “Non-Toxic” right on their label.
The great thing about Easy Clean is the simplicity of the mixing process. Easy Clean comes in individual sachets & tubs. Easy Clean is a super concentrated product which is more economical, versatile and uses less packaging than any other cleaning products. Sachets - Simply tear open the sachet and empty the contents into a 750ml spray bottle. Tubs – Add 1 T-spoon to a 750ml spray bottle. Once diluted with water Easy Clean can be used on practically any washable surface and only involves one dilution.
Easy Clean is manufactured in the United Kingdom and meets all the British, European Union, The United States & Canada’s safety standards.
Morris Clean is a blend of water, surfactant’s (surface-active) agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, with no colour or perfume.
Surfactant agents lift grease and oil up off of the surface; The wetting agents help Easy Clean penetrate dirt & grime, and emulsifiers lift dirt & grime putting them into solution so that they can be washed away.
Easy Clean has no smell making it a more user-friendly product for people who have allergies
On common surfaces such as kitchen worktops, windows and glass just spray Easy Clean and leave for about 10 to 30 seconds. (depending hoe dirty the surface is) Wipe away using a clean, dry cloth
On extreme stubborn dirt, grime and grease spray the Easy Clean generously and leave for between 30–60 seconds. Re-spray the area and wipe away with a clean cloth.
Easy Clean is neither chlorinated nor ammoniated and No. You should NEVER mix household chemicals. By mixing bleach or ammonia with Easy Clean, You’re just defeating the positive qualities of the ingredients. You will get better results using Easy Clean separately from any bleaching or ammonia products
Yes, Easy Clean can be used to clean ovens, extractor hoods, vents, counters, cooker-tops, refrigerators, sinks, floors, polished marble, stainless steel, kitchen wall tiles, grout, chrome, most plastics and wood cabinets. Note* Easy Clean is 100% food safe, completely safe to use in food processing & catering establishments. Food-contact surfaces should be rinsed after cleaning.
Yes, Morris Powder can be used to clean porcelain, ceramic tile, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, glass doors, surfaces counters, aluminium, chrome and stainless steel.
Yes. Easy Clean Powder boosts cleaning in the washing machine. Just add 4g sachet or one T-spoon of Easy Clean into your washing machine. For dark stains, you can dilute one sachet of Morris Clean into a spray bottle then spray the stained area of clothing and place the garment into the washing machine.
Yes, Easy Clean can be utilised both on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. In the interior, use Easy clean for deodorising and cutting grease & dirt on carpet and upholstery. Easy Clean is also fantastic on leather interior and seats. On the exteriors, Easy Clean is not only safe on all types of paintwork but is effective at removing grease, dirt, brake dust from alloy wheels, rubber marks, paint oxidation, road tar, bugs and oil trails on the grille, headlamps, bumpers, wheels, trailers and more.
Add a sachet or 1 T-spoon of Easy clean to a bucket of water. Using a sponge wash the car paintwork and rinse with clean water. Easy Clean removes damaged paint oxidation brightening your vehicle’s paintwork.
Keep Easy Clean in the garage for cleaning tools, workbenches, shop floors, garage doors, oil pans and wash basins. You can even use Morris Clean in industrial floor cleaning machines. Dilution one 4g sachet to 4.2 litres of water.
Yes, Easy Clean is the perfect cleaner for keeping your boat, trailer, caravan, personal watercraft, fishing and skiing equipment, inflatable boats and much more. Easy Clean leaves boats Sparkling clean and looking like new. Use Easy Clean to remove the heaviest of grease and grime. Ideal for dispersal of oil, gasoline, diesefuel, fish blood, dirt and more from all washable surfaces, including fibreglass, gel coat, most plastic, treated wood, carpet, fabric cloth, upholstery, canvas, rubber, vinyl, and glass.
Yes. Easy Clean can be instrumental in keeping your drains free of clogs. For keeping your sink free from blocking just add one sachet or 1 T-spoon of powder into your sink, fill your sink up with water (with the drain plug in, of course,) Once mixed just unplug and the Easy Clean mixture will run through your pipes removing the build-up of grease and grime.
Yes, Using Easy Clean on actual, polished marble is safe. Easy Clean has a low alkaline pH and is water-based, so it meets most manufacturers’ recommendations for cleaning products to be used on marble.
Yes. Either spray Easy Clean directly onto the floor then using a clean mop and warm water clean. You can also add one sachet or one T-spoon of Easy Clean powder into a mop bucket and add water.
Easy Clean is a low foaming cleaner and does an excellent job used in pressure/power washer. Use Easy Clean to clean vehicles, concrete, floors, garden furniture, canvas, boats, trucks, etc. Premix one sachet or one T-spoon of Easy Clean powder into five litres of regular tap water, Turn on pressure washer starting from the bottom working upwards to avoid the possibilities of running “clean streaks”. For best results concentrate in sections, firstly cleaning and then rinsing. For the heavily soiled areas you might require light scrubbing with a non-metallic bristle brush.
Easy Clean is an excellent glass cleaner just spray on windows and glass, wipe clean using a dry. Because Easy Clean is low foaming your actual cleaning time is cut by up to 50% when compared to high foam conventional window cleaners. For best results we advise to use one sachet or 1 T-spoon of Easy Clean powder to 1 litre of water.