Is your business up to the new Food Standards?

SFBB Catering Training, Food Safety and Hygiene consultant covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

Many Food outlets and restaurants may think they can’t afford an expert in to improve staff training, food safety and hygiene standards. But the cost of keeping up to date with food standards will be far less than the cost of a food safety issue that will have a financial impact on your business.

Here at EC Consultancy we understand the financial restraints of small food outlets especially under the current economic climate. EC consultants provide bespoke food safety and hygiene training packages for all small businesses at affordable prices.

Hygiene and Food Safety is Bound by Law

Most local councils across the United Kingdom are publishing food safety inspections results online through the “Scores on the Doors” system. The Scores on the Door’s system is a rating out of five stars with zero being the lowest. Meaning, that anyone can view how you manage your kitchen and food practice. So now it is even more important than ever to be fully prepared and compliant when you’re local EHO (Environmental Health Officer) when they pay your food operation a visit.

Reputations are everything

A successful restaurant depends on many factors coming together and food hygiene is as essential as food quality and great customer service. Reputations take time to build and if a food safety issue occurs, then it’s time to say goodbye to those reputations. Not having the correct hygiene and food safety procedures in place will undoubtedly cause your business to suffer financially and sometimes businesses may even close leaving yourself open to prosecution by local councils or civil actions by people adversely affected by your food establishments implications.

If you’re a food business owner, then you have a legal obligation to prove that your food preparation is being carried out safely, in a clean and well-organised environment by trained staff. The consequences of poor hygiene and food safety management at some point will be costly in both your reputation and financially, so it only makes sense to invest in proven procedures that deliver good standards of both safety and hygiene within your business operation.

Safer Food Better Business

We strongly advise that if you’re a small business that you use the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) food safety management system. The SFBB is recommended by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) for all small businesses and once you fully understand the system, it really simplifies your role as a manager or food handler.

Hygiene & Food Safety Training

EC Consulting will provide all the food safety and staff training services needed to run an efficient, professional food operation implementing and compiling with the SFBB (Safer Food Better Business system) into your business. Therefore, providing the Environmental Health officer with all the documentation and assurance that your business complies with the SFBB system.

What is involved?

Management Training & Record Keeping

On the surface the SFBB pack seems complicated, but within one session with our consultant, you, your management and staff will be able understand fully the SFBB system. Therefore, allowing you to implement and comply with the SFBB pack, proving that you are running a good hygiene and food standards operation.

Staff Training

It is essential that all-staff have a level of hygiene and food safety training. All-staff, permanent or part-time should attend an appropriate food safety course. Our hygiene and food safety consultant will test all staff, analysing their knowledge and skill-set in cross-contamination, cleaning, cooking practice and chilling. Once completed we will provide up to date, hygiene and food safety training.

Our mission Statement

Our sole aim is to prepare you and your staff for an HSO inspection using the SFBB food safety management system. Our training is bespoke to suit your business and improving your Food Hygiene Rating, therefore building local authority and customer confidence in your brand. Click this link to download the SFBB Pack